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What's 'East Broadway'?

... oh right, the Oriental Broadway.

Check out this new film called "East Broadway". I would not have heard about this if not for an email from our chair with the subject, "doesn't this shit piss you off". Oh yes, it does. Click on trailer and just watch this garbage.

Though it's interesting to see how our reactions change when the premise of a movie like Shanghai Kiss changes to focus on Asian American women... just food for thought.


  1. soho/calvin said...

    It's pretty much the debate of double standards. But when you put things into context (for Asian American men, we NEED those role models in Shanghai Kiss to even the playing field; all 'East Broadway' does in its trailer is to accentuate an existing disparity that harbor underlying tones of white imperialism and superiority), the question of double standards goes to shit.

    It's just the frustration of yelling, "Don't the people making East Broadway understand what they're fucking up?!" whereas we know the people of Shanghai Kiss are out to do something necessary and different; although not exactly completely moral of a film, we understand that you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette.

    Anyways, yes, this shit does piss me off and it looks like a terrible movie anyway. Alas, I can't really judge unless I see it for myself, so, I judge based on what the trailer advocates for.

    thanks for posting this,

  2. David said...

    Calvin you wanna write for the blaaag sometime?  

  3. David said...

    Oh right, weren't we supposed to do an interview of you or something? eh time for that second semester.  

  4. Calvin/soho said...

    I'm always down to write, if you guys think I'm okay,

  5. Marilla said...

    you two (and your yellow fever hating selves) should really read shortcomings by adrian tomine soon.  

  6. Marilla said...

    for the record, hayden is still one of my least favorite people. EVER.  

  7. David said...

    i want adrian tomine. what, who said that?  

  8. Calvin/soho said...

    holy shit, I just googled "adrian tomine" and realized I read his comics back when they came out in 1998 (Optic Nerve, Sleepwalk). I was only 12 or so, but my older brother (who was 26 at the time then) got the comics and tried to get me involved in the Asian American scene with those comics.

    I remember reading a lot of it, not really getting some of the themes, started to become really curious with my identity, wanted to see California, and generally feeling really crappy because the stories weren't exactly all flowers and joy.  

  9. Marilla said...

    Ken Leung is in both of these movies. MILES STROM.  


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