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Tagline: More and More are Stupid Lazy-Asses

"No longer content to be thought of as successful, intelligent, hard-working and family-oriented, an ever-increasing number of second- and third-generation Asian-Americans are beginning to fail miserably."

... so that's why I'm failing school. Check it out here.


  1. Heiroku said...

    pshhh. this article is fake. everyone knows REAL slackers eat Fun-Yuns. or however you spell it. im too lazy to look it up.  

  2. Karen said...

    Ryan's inability to spell Funions is proof of exactly the kind of failure the article is talking about.  

  3. Nhu-Y said...

    it's funyuns! WITHOUT A HYPHEN. haven't we gone over this, guys?  

  4. viv said...

    hyphens oppress our people.  


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