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Kevin Zhai, SEAS '12

CC/SEAS Vice Chair
Lizzie Shen, CC '11

Barnard Vice Chair
Ai-Lin Shao, BC '11

Belle Yan, CC '12

Steven Wong, SEAS '12

Community Chair
Sahil Shah, SEAS '12

Political Chair
Laura Ly, CC '12

Event Advisor
Annie Tan, CC '11

Publicity Chair
Alysha Chan, SEAS '10

Congratulations, you drastically tinier board, you! Have fun picking OCMs! EDIT: Updated with Treasurer and Publicity Chair. Thanks, Kevin!


  1. David said...

    looking forward to working with you guys!  

  2. kzhai said...

    Marilla, you forgot Steven Wong '12 for Treasurer and Alysha Chan '10 for Publicity Chair! Our board may be small, but not that small!  

  3. David said...

    kevin, guess what you and lizzie have been granted admin privileges!  

  4. Nhu-Y said...


  5. Marilla said...

    My apologies - the wiki and tiers list (as well as my memory) are apparently not thorough enough.  


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