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In January, David wrote an entry about sweatshops that interrogated whether, as Nicholas Kristof claims, they can and should be considered "a necessary evil". Not long after posting, Daniel Cardozo contacted us about the work that his company, Ethix Ventures, Inc., has been doing to help restrain the anti-sweatshop movement:

As far as we know, Ethix Ventures is unique. We're a distributor of eco-friendly, Union Made, Made in USA, and Fair Trade custom-printed merchandise.

As you might guess, thousands of organizations order custom-printed products every day. And while information about how individuals can order eco-friendly, domestic, union made and fairly traded products is fairly accessible, it is much harder for organizations to find out how to clean up their supply chains.

Everyone is affiliated with an organization - a business, religious group, camp, school, etc. - to some extent. A wave of socially conscious consumerism is already upon us, but why should it stop at consumer products? Many people already want to know that the organizations they support are, in turn, supporting socially responsible factories here and around the world.
Normally, we're wary of endorsing anything that has "Inc." tacked after its name, but the people over at Ethix Ventures seem to be thoroughly concerned with what's going on with sweatshop labors, and actively working to do something about it. Perhaps they should hook up with Justice Will Be Served! Thanks for reminding us that not all organizations and merchandise have to spout immorality and malevolence, Daniel.

Check out Daniel Cardozo's blog entry here.


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