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To the Barnard Community -

By now most of you may have already heard of an appalling racial incident that occurred at Teachers College yesterday. I am forwarding the message that went out from President Susan Fuhrman to the TC Community. We at Barnard share the shock and outrage that friends and colleagues at Teachers College must be feeling.

We may find it unbelievable that such a thing could have occurred within an academic community like ours. As we reflect on the impact of hateful acts such as this, we need also to be aware of the unintended hurts that may pass beneath our notice. We must be mindful of all of the small violences we may inflict upon one another in the course of daily life. We must, of course, reject and condemn overt and senseless acts of bigotry, but it is only when we are able to confront as well our less obvious aggressions that we will begin to change the fabric of our community.

Judith Shapiro


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