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Racist Graffiti, Part II

I just got word that anti-Semitic graffiti was found today in a bathroom stall in Lewisohn Hall. While I don't have any more information, we'll be sure to update the situation as details arise.

This is the third hate crime on campus in 2 weeks. What the hell is going on?


UPDATE: Bollinger just sent out an email:

Dear member of the Columbia community,

I am saddened to report that one of the bathrooms in Lewisohn Hall was sullied with an anti-Semitic smear. It has been promptly removed and is now being investigated.

I want to make two points. When words are the offender, as in this incident, I am reluctant to draw attention to them and will exercise restraint in doing so going forward. I do not want to broadcast, in any way, the message they attempt to send or empower those behind them. Despite the irrational, destructive hatred that persists in our society and world, we do not accept this anywhere at this University. No one among us should feel marginalized or threatened by words of hatred. We are one community; and as one community, we will overcome these hateful acts and hold each other to the highest standards of respect for the dignity and diversity of every individual.

In response to questions students have raised, I also want to reassure you that we have utmost confidence in our Public Safety officials and in the NYPD. Not only do they have well established communications protocols in place when there is an immediate threat of harm; they distinguish crimes that threaten our physical safety from incidents like the one that occurred today.


Lee C. Bollinger

(When PrezBo makes opinions and sends out stuff this fast... you know it's serious.)


  1. David said...

    what. the. fuck.  

  2. Marilla said...

    this is going beyond words  


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