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I received a facebook message from a close friend who is a part of Proxy Magazine. She told me that Proxy is starting a blog as well! The blog is called "the (pro)be". Here is what "the (pro)be" will cover:

day-to-day life on campus as well as highlight activities and meetings hosted by different student groups. Whether you're looking for information on how to get more politically or socially involved or you're just interested in hearing about bizarre or funny things that happen around campus, the (pro)be is here to keep you updated and informed...
Our blog will feature everything from campus events like the World Leaders Forum to restaurant reviews and information on Manhattanville Expansion.

So you are wondering: What is the Proxy Magazine?

Answer: It an on-campus publication that strives to tell the many stories that emerge out of the African Diaspora—-stories ranging from the hip-hop scene in Europe to the faces of Harlem to the Afro-Latino experience of the Caribbean.

So what? Who cares? This isn't about Asian Americans?:
If that is what you are thinking. That is not true. Asian Americans are a part of a united body of people of color. Our struggles, their struggles... there is no such thing as "our" and "their." When it comes down to it we are all in the same struggle against injustice; and we are all striving for a country that does not marginalize but embraces..

What do you want me to do?
We all need to educate ourselves and never forget that education is not defined by just textbooks and does not end at a certain moment. With that said we need to communicate with each other. When I say, "each other" I mean we must communicate "between different organizations, different backgrounds, different anything." One great way to communicate and to learn is the WEB! Blogs! Websites! So check out the proxy blog at http://theproxyprobe.blogspot.com or check out the website at htpp://www.theproxyproject.org! And if you are interested in blogging, the (pro)be is looking for more staff reporters and bloggers to help keep it fresh and up-to-date.

Just do it! Use the resources we have so we can be that much closer to a unified body.

Proxy Blaaag Love!



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