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Just wanted to congratulate CU Democrats for their performance in the debate last night on immigration against the College Republicans. With the coming of the ostentatiously racist Islamo-Fascism week, we're glad this fight is starting already.

If you want a live-blog of the debate, here's the link to perhaps the only other campus blog to use a lame Blogger template. (Or do you?)

Alas, we couldn't be there (teahouse with Conchita's Collective!), or we would've submitted our own questions. As Howard University Professor Frank Wu writes in Yellow, all debates regarding immigration are ultimately debates about race. (And his word is absolute truth. Duh.)

Our favorite part:

9:35 Greer just took the Republicans to task for pretending not to see xenophobia in immigration issues while at the same time inviting speakers like Jim Gilchrist to campus.
Good job!



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