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Just take a look at this article by Xiaochen Su '10 from the Yale Daily News. In this article, he blames a decrease in US living standards on immigrants and the poor, deplores government resources for the disadvantaged, and proposes the enactment of "child tax credits" and "entrance fees" for poor parents and immigrants.

Su, if your piece is in some way a satire of Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal, I hope you will realize that putting it in your school newspaper is totally ridiculous on any day other than April Fools. And if your piece was never intended as satire... well, good luck with your internalized self-hate issues.

Congratulations for being the first person in the APA Hall of Shame from the Ivy League. It's important to make this point because, evidently, messed up thinking escapes no one. Even people who will one day lead our society, as scary as that sounds.

(Can we say something about the fact that the YDN even let this be published?)



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