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I arrived in Roone Arledge only at 1pm (The Blaaag needs to be better staffed), but got some interesting tidbits. The admins present were Dean Colombo, Dean Quigley, and Dean Friedman.

- Quigley thought that diversifying the faculty body could substitute the race and anti-oppression training that various student groups are proposing to those who teach the Core. Diversity in faculty and staff in higher level academia is indeed important, but can it substitute more efficient solutions to the problem? We don't think so.

- Colombo sounds a lot meaner than Quigley. Maybe the British accent throws us off.

- Vice Dean Friedman of SEAS says that students should be talking to administrators when hate crimes do not happen. "We might not agree with you, but we're listening."

- Quigley says that in the longer term it is a culture that we are trying to change at this university. At least we agree on something.

(The admins, you might have been able to see, under the Roone Arledge spotlights look so white.)



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