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There's a discussion THIS SUNDAY 8pm in Lerner's Broadway Room. See the event. Be there!

NROTC: Idea Exchange
Sunday, 10/26 @ 8pm in the Broadway Room in Lerner

United Students of Color Council wants to provide a safe space for the community of color and our allies to talk about the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC).

Come continue the conversations you've been having or begin the conversation on Sunday! We will begin by summarizing what has been happening in relation to NROTC on this campus and what will be happening. After pooling our knowledge together, we will begin a dialogue about the implications of NROTC. Issues to be addressed, include: Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT); race/ethnicity and class in relation to the military; military presence on Columbia University's campus, and more.

Come hear what your peers have to say and share your thoughts too!



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