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NAASCon, Day Two

Since I'm cracked out in Butler, I'm going to keep this recap short:

  • NAASCon's afterparty was in a warehouse. Let me repeat that, A WAREHOUSE. 18+, $3 cover, unlimited drinks, and glow-in-the-dark neon bracelets. It was like a seedy rave, but without any E
  • The afterparty DJ played bad music. There was, at one point, a techno mix (see rave comment above)
  • Debbie Wei is such a powerful speaker. There were people crying in the audience. She also made a bad joke about how most of the movement she gets is aided by Metamucil (Oh god)
  • Monna, Linda, and my "Embodied, Empowered" workshop was really successful! There was great discussion, great feedback, and we were the only student workshop facilitators at the conference. I'm so proud!
  • The Northeastern regional caucus (facilitated by Vivian and Bryan, with a lot of Columbia representation) was also pretty successful. Lots and lots of people. Some of the issues discussed: Asian American Studies and Ethnic Studies, the divide between cultural and political groups, and various conferences on the East Coast
  • Georgian supermarkets are huge. Hugeeeeeee
  • Georgian supermarkets also don't seem to have Georgian peaches, but instead California peaches and such. Vivian thinks this is an example of "why capitalism sucks"
  • Driving in good weather is much better than driving in a storm
  • We accidentally drove into a night wedding in a botanical garden, and thought that it was a cult ritual
  • Our favorite rockstars, Julia Rhee, Dennis Chin, and May Lin were in attendance
  • We accidentally stumbled into Eats, a soul food restaurant run by hipsters. It was the hippest place in all of Atlanta
  • We also stumbled across Krystal and Zesto, which had, respectively, Pumpkin Pie Milkquake and great soft serve.
  • Yay Atlanta! Yay NAASCon!
  • Most of the ethnic restaurants have stupid names, with things like "Thaicoon" or "Panda" in them (Nhu-Y: "WE DON'T EAT PANDAS")
  • We had Cracker Barrel on the way back. The hostess asked for Vivian's name and said, "Ravine?" Yeah, we're that ethnic
(Nhu-Y, Vivian, Saff, and others - if you remember other important things, please add them in the comments section!)


  1. David said...

    I laughed all the way through this recap. Good work.  


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