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So at today's Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) 5 Year and Intercultural Resource Center (IRC) 20 Year anniversary celebration, Senior Assistant Dean Melinda Aquino made a little speech about the difficulty in creating an Office of Multicultural Affairs and all the benefits that its creation has brought. Then she called out the alumni that were in attendance and guess who responded! Kevin Nadal!

Any of you who were at the LGBTQ Sulu Series this summer will definitely remember him, because he did this amazing standup routine that included how Filipinos can always spot each other from across the room and the classic "So what are you... really?" question (aka, "Where are you really from?", aka every ethnic American's greatest fear). Well, guess what, he's a Columbia alum and an ex-ROOTEd facilitator! I totally got his card. David called me a groupie, but it was worth it.

Yay OMA / IRC! Yay Kevin Nadal!



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