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ECAASU, you can do better!

ECAASU 2009 will promote the unique nature of the vast Asian cultures while emphasizing the need for the unification of ALL Asian American students.

This conference will be, by far, the highlight of your scholastic year. With exceptional workshops, captivating speakers, and fierce entertainment, ECAASU 2009 will be an unforgettable experience - one you definitely do NOT want to miss out on!

The 2009 conference will be held at the luxurious Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Fitted with spacious ballrooms and swanky rooms, the hotel is walking distance from the Rutgers University College Avenue Campus, making it the prime location for this conference.
This can be better written.

A humble ECAASU fan and attendee

(P.S. Is this an appropriate albeit cynical Blaaag post?)


Marilla writes, "i'm sorry, i honestly didn't read any of that, except the part where they said "vast Asian cultures" and i completely flashed back to the cornell president's speech [last year at ECAASU]. oops."


  1. Marilla said...

    Hahah, fierce! entertainment. I like it.

    Generic, but I'm guessing that the ECAASU board is still scratching its head over a theme (also generic), yes? I'm sure the skeleton of this description will fill out once the theme gives them some direction.

    I'm excited to see what corporate sponsors can be written about this year.  

  2. Marilla said...

    Oh wait, is "Distinct Worlds, One Vision" their theme this year?

    God, why are themes always the same?  

  3. Nancy Yi Liang said...
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  4. Nancy Yi Liang said...
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  5. Nancy Yi Liang said...

    So.. we (APA's) do not root from vast different Asian cultures? Oh, I always thought that the reason South Asians and East Asians don't unify was a result of differing cultures, like that of China v. that of India. Hm... I guess it must be something else, maybe Chinese Americans just don't like multi-syllabic last names. :)  

  6. Nancy Yi Liang said...

    BTW, any suggestions for 2010 themes? I would love to hear some unique suggestions!! I've been trying to get the board to do a Disney Themed ECAASU, you know something fun and different, but they just wouldn't go for it!! Argh! Ok... no more snideness. I'm going to the bookstore and live up to my nerdiness. Keep up the Blaaag, you guys have some really good stuff here. <3 NYL  

  7. Anonymous said...


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