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Patrick Chang, AAA social chair, has sent another ridiculous email. This time, he is "laying down the fucking LAW." Enjoy.

This message is for Everybody

Dear You all,
I'm sorry for the last minute change, but the cultureshock meeting on Sunday is for EVERYONE. I'm laying down the fucking LAW and everyone has to be there. We have 4 weeks until cultureshock, which for all of you illiterates, it means that EVERYONE has to get crackin on EVERYTHING. I will let everyone know their job there, just be prepared. Cause if you don't get your shit done I will be pissed. Just prepare for a world of pain. Like seriously. I'm already angry. I'll see you all there Patrick



  1. Marilla said...

    I really hope that people don't show up, just so we can see what his wrath really looks like.

    Also, I am sort of happy/ashamed to announce that after this second PC-devoted entry went up, he wrote back to me saying, "You guys really don't have much to write about, do you?" The truth stings.  

  2. Marilla said...

    I will also say that these seemingly banal entries are kind of important because they kind of publicize for Culture Shock. You're welcome, Patrick.  


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